Thursday, November 11, 2010

Version 0.5

  • Pages now load sequentially so you don't have to wait as long to start reading.  Additionally, all pages will be downloaded in the background instead of only the 5, 10 or however many pages currently being shown.  A better reading experience :)   (If some pages show the loading icon indefinitely, try changing the orientation.  This will work most of the time.)
  • Improve BleachExile performance.
  • Option to auto-save chapters to SD card.  This option can be changed by hitting Menu -> Settings from the main screen.  There are three options that the user can select.  One, auto-save can be disabled entirely.  Two, auto-save can be applied to only chapters of mangas that have been favorited.  And finally, auto-save can be applied to all chapters (I don't allow saving on a chapter by chapter basis to keep it simple).  The main benefit of auto-saving chapters to the SD card is that you won't need to redownload the chapter when you want to read it again.  Even better, MangaWhat will remember if a chapter has only been partially downloaded so that when you re-read the chapter,  it will only download the pages that haven't been saved yet.  Of course, if something goes horribly wrong, you can choose to redownload the entire chapter by hitting Menu -> More.
  • Option to backup/restore favorites and read chapters.  This may be useful if you need to reinstall MangaWhat and don't want to lose your data.  Or, maybe if you got a new Android phone and want to transfer it over; just backup from the old phone, put the SD card into the new phone and hit restore.
This version uses a different ad network which requires additional permissions. Don't update if you don't want to give them.  The permissions are 'read phone state' and 'read tasks'.  Their explanation for making these permissions required is:
We need READ_PHONE_STATE to access a unique identifier that some ad networks require to track impressions (See: ). The reason some of them choose not to use ANDROID_ID for unique identification is this bug:
We use GET_TASKS to prevent users from calling or refreshing ads when the current application is not in the foreground. This prevents wasted impressions for our advertisers, as well as a lower CTR and eCPM for our developers.